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According to a scientific study, less than 1% of men and women with genital warts develop symptoms. This is one of the reasons why there is no specific genital warts cure. The visible signs of this infection can be external genital warts, usually flesh coloured as well as a little harder compared to surrounding tissues. They can appear flat or raised with cauliflower-like appearance detected by hand-held lens. Warts may grow in groups or singly in varying sizes. Unless picked or scratched, they cannot hurt. They may always enlarge or stay size for a while. Genital warts may appear in the genital and anal area. Men may have this infection in their urethral opening, which may go unnoticed if not covered. In women, this infection may affect the vagina, the inner labia, as well as the cervix. Normally, warts might be flat or raised around the vagina and also the inner labia. In some cases, this infection may also spread around the eyes, mouth, for the larynx, and the sinuses. Once the seksi seuraa HPV enters the body, normally it takes certain time for it to develop any visible symptoms. Usually, about 30-90 days is the time interval between the HPV infection along with the initial appearance with the symptoms, though in some instances it years. This virus can remain dormant for several days, months, and even years before exhibiting any active symptoms.

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